Bonus BioGroup Announces Completion of Recruitment of 20 Patients for Clinical Trial to Repair Human Facial Bone Deficiency 

Bonus BioGroup announced today that it was notified by the investigator at the medical center of the accomplishment of 20 patients recruitment. This is the maximal number approved for the human facial bone deficiency treatment clinical trial, using live human bone grafts.


The bone grafts are produced by Bonus BioGroup in its production facility, in Matam Industrial Park, Haifa. The clinical trial to repair facial bone deficiencies is designed to test the safety and efficacy of live human bone grafts produced by Bonus BioGroup.

According to the company's estimations, the live human bone graft, grown from cells extracted from the patient's fat tissue, is likely to be fully accepted, without any rejection, by the body of the patient whose sample was taken. When the bone graft is introduced, the patient's immune system is expected to recognize the biological identity between the patient's body and the bone graft grown by Bonus BioGroup. Therefore, the immune response and graft rejection, typical in treatments using foreign donor cells or tissue, rather than the patient's own, will be prevented.


Bonus BioGroup produces live human bone grafts, based on cells extracted from the patient's fat tissue, using the company's unique technology, which combines biology, tissue and material engineering, and a structured procedure of tailored medicine.

Bonus BioGroup recently announced that the company and its facilities are GMP certified, according to European standards, as well as ISO-9001 certified, in aspects of development, production, quality control and supply of its products to clinical trials.