Bonus BioGroup Raises Investment of 5.2 Million NIS through Private Offering at 60 Cents per Share

On November 6, 2015, Bonus BioGroup entered into investment agreements with two foreign investors.
Under the terms of the investment agreements, the Company will issue, in a private allocation, a joint total of 8,710,000 common shares without nominal value, registered to the Company, against cash payment of 1.34 million USD.
After their issuance, the shares allocated to the investors shall constitute approximately 3.81% of the Company's share capital and voting rights and approximately 3.07% of the Company's fully diluted share capital and voting rights, based on the Company's share capital at the date of this immediate report.
This investment supplements a total of 13.35 million NIS raised so far at a price-per-share higher by approximately 18% on average than the closing price on the Investment Agreement date, in private offerings during December 2014 - November 2015.
The proceeds will be utilized, inter alia, for financing the Company's operating activities, including the conduct of clinical trials aimed at repairing bone deficiencies in various indications by transplantation of Bonus BioGroup's live bone graft, and completion of the clinical trial for the treatment of upper and lower jawbone deficiencies.