Bonus BioGroup Enters Into an Exclusive Agreement for the Use of Engineered Nanoparticle Technology to Enhance Bone Regeneration

Bonus BioGroup announces today that on December 3, 2015, Bonus Therapeutics Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, signed an agreement with the Bar-Ilan Research and Development Company Ltd. (BIRAD), a subsidiary of Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, for the development and exclusive use of innovative engineered nanoparticle technology, which may be incorporated, inter alia, into the Company’s live injectable human bone graft.


The live injectable human bone graft represents another innovation developed by Bonus; Researchers at the Company successfully minimized the graft's structure, which also contains its scaffold. The injectable graft includes a large amount of autologous living cells in the quantities required for the augmentation of each patient's bone deficiency.

The composition, size and unique properties of the engineered nanoparticles allow their integration into the Company’s live injectable human bone graft as an active ingredient in various ways: in-between the graft’s particles, as supporting layer over the live human cells or as a supporting layer over the scaffold.

Bonus BioGroup may exploit other attributes of the engineered nanoparticles to promote expedited biomaterial-driven bone regeneration in areas of scarce bone tissue. These attributes include the ability to identify specifically target areas of calcium withdrawal, to bind and deliver into the treated bone area biological factors involved in the generation of blood and bone cells, and the capability to prolong the lifespan of these biological factors so as to extend their activation period.

The Bonus BioGroup-Bar Ilan agreement stipulates that research teams of both parties will conduct joint research for further development of the engineered nanoparticles for a variety of applications. The research will be carried out mostly at the Company's R&D headquarters in MATAM Advanced Technology Park, Haifa.